[SOLVED] OneDrive for Business processing changes every other second, and creates a lot of logs.


Oct 1, 2018
I'm tired of googling this issue and finding nothing of use, my problem is that I've recently got 5 TB of OneDrive SharePoint space and I've been wanting to use it to my advantage.

I downloaded OneDrive for Business and connected my ondrive.pw account, everything is fine, everything synced correctly.

However when I look at the OneDrive icon in the taskbar it keeps doing this every other second:

I looked into my Search Everything application to see what files are being created by OneDrive and I saw that it keeps creating these log files:

I have to keep deleting them otherwise they will fill up my SSD.

I already checked to see if everything is done syncing and it is. I already tried to /reset OneDrive in Command Prompt, tried to unlink and relink the account, tried to reinstall OneDrive, tried to give my user account full permissions to the OneDrive folder and child objects. Nothing worked.

What can I do to stop this? It's driving me crazy.

EDIT: Found something interesting in Event Viewer:

Any of you have any idea what this means?

EDIT: I practically solved this, so I'm gonna leave some instructions for other people who might have the same issue:

What OneDrive is doing when you see the "Processing Changes" prompt, is it tries to make some log files in the directory above (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\OneDrive\logs)

What you can do to prevent OneDrive from fucking up your SSD is this:

  1. Right Click the "logs" folder
  2. Go to the Security tab and click on Advanced
  3. Press "Disable inheritance" and remove all inherited perms
  4. Press "Add", add your current user account, and only give it the Read & Execute permissions.
Done! OneDrive will continue to attempt to write the logs and show "Processing changes", but no effect will be done on your disk and no performance issues will happen either. I checked with Process Monitor - all it does is check the registry, attempt to write logs (which we blocked) and write to its settings file, which is nothing big.
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