Oct 19, 2021
Sometimes when I play online games such as PUBG, League of Legends or Destiny I lose connection to the game until I quit and restart the game. While this is happening my internet works fine I don't lose connection to anything else but this specific game. Waiting does not reconnect to the game ever, only restarting does. While reconnecting if there's a ping on the screen it seems to show normal ping as if I'm still connected.

I have inbound firewall rules allowing the connection on those games but I don't have outbound rules for those specific games.
Is this a firewall issue or my ISP is doing something funny with the dynamic IP addresses, and if it is a firewall problem how do I fix it for good?
Thank you.
It's possible your NAT type is strict, meaning your router doesn't easily let certain apps open the ports they need to send data outbound, try accessing your Router's webpage and enabling a feature called uPNP (Universal plug and play). That will allow the router to allow whatever data needs to get in or out. If that doesn't work, then tryout a different router if possible.