Question Online games (ESO, WoW) micro freeze every few seconds - help

Aug 17, 2019
Online games (ESO, WoW) micro freeze every few seconds - help

So i recently updgraded my system significantly. I now game at 1440p. ever since this build i will play games and get a tiny in-game hang/freeze for a splitsecond then back to normal buttery smooth performance. I notice it less when i play fps games which is strange. I've had this issue for a coupl months. I have tried everything ive read in similar threads.

I have reinstalled windows, scanned for malware, ran /scannow on my new SSD and repaired issues. i have removed invasive windows 10, discord, battlenet, geforce experience features that might bog down performance. I have tried so many little things i can't even remember. The pieces i upgrades are literally everything EXCEPT:case, PSU, and RAM. everything else is new. CPU runs below 45C at load so its not a heating issue. Im wondering if its my ram or a faulty ssd. here are my parts

New windows 10 pro os
2070 founders edition
8700k 4.8 boost clock (not custom oc)
Asus ROG z390-E Strix mobo
860 evo 500gb ssd
corsair h115i pro AIO
old 1tb HDD
old Corsair RMx RM750x 750 w atx 12v psu
old Mushkin enhanced blackline 32 gb (4x8g) ddr4 288 pin think my ram is too slow?

im using a Dell S2716DG 1440 144 hz as main monitor and my old acer 1080p as a side monitor. issue happnes with even just 1 monitor too.

Let me know what you guys think plz! I've tried a lot of the fixes that require me to disable things in bios, countless i cant remember. nothing really helped.