Online Games Lagging After 30-40 Minutes - GTX 1050TI

Feb 3, 2019
Hey everyone.

I have a relatively new computer, purchased a few months ago (this one) and I find that after about 30 minutes playing an online game (Overwatch), I will get random dips in framerate.

The first game that I play is always fine, with no lag at all, but after that, I find that it lags when matches start, during team fights, and when there is a lot going on.

At first, I thought it might be an overheating problem, but ran a stress test with Kombustor and couldn't get the GPU temp over 74C.

Then I thought that I probably had the graphics too high, so I turned them down but I didn't notice a change.

I'm thinking that it's an issue with my PCs wifi adapter (I tried updating it, didn't make a difference), but I'm open to suggestions! My internet speed is 235mbps download and 28mbps upload with 42ms latency.

Thanks in advance.
Feb 3, 2019

Haha it's Bell Aliant in Halifax NS, I got one of the faster packages so that I wouldn't have to deal with lag, but here we are
Mar 16, 2019
It's more than likely the CPU, not the GPU that's over heating. I have a similar system and with the side cover on, the only place air can come in is through the power supply. The GPU is right over top of the power supply, so guess where most of the air is going? The vent that's in the side of your computer is blocked by the mounting plate for the HDD/DVD drive which seriously restricts air flow into the case and the solid front panel also prevents any air from going in. HP made the computers look pretty and run quiet but any serious gaming is going to cause a heat issue.

To fix this, I made a side panel with two 120 mm fans connected together and use an external 12 v adapter and this works well but I may try using a splitter to power them using the case fan plug at a later date and I might even cut the side panel to mount the fans a bit nicer.


Feb 18, 2019
As @ethyrdude is saying, probably it's a problem with CPU overheating.

Your PC case is hopeless if it comes to good airflow.
If You are on stock CPU cooling, probably You should check the CPU temps / reapply thermal paste / change stock cooling to something better.

Try to monitor CPU temps and check how much it hits.