Question Online storage


May 29, 2013
Hi everyone

confused about online/cloud/storage/backup terminology.
I'm looking for a service that:

  1. Automatically backs up new / modified files.
  2. NEVER DELETES THEM, even if I delete them from my computer.
  3. Unlimited storage or at least 2 TB.
This is because I do graphic design and work with big files, but want to be able to delete finished projects to free up space on my laptop. (I also back up to an external drive).

So far the only one I know that does all of them is Google One, at 10$ monthly / 100 yearly, and lets me view / download each file individually at no extra cost.

The other one is blaze b2 cloud? At, approximately, the same rate for 2TB? It doesn't let me view files, and it costs to download them again, but otherwise I think it meets all criteria. Is that right? This is confusing because some other blaze product DOES delete files, but also seems siginificantly more expensive.


Overall, I doubt that you can find a cloud storage provide that will meet all of your requirements.

Read, in detail, the applicable End User Agreements, Terms of Service, etc.. Look for the caveats and loopholes that get them off the hook if data is lost. And look for charges and fees that will likely kick in at some future date or data threshold.

#1 - Requires that you allow some application of theirs on your device. And that application, per the terms, may be doing other things. Plus using the app makes you responsible for any data losses due to a problem on the host device.

#2 - They may "never" delete the files per se, but the data could still be lost. Or stored "somewhere" (problematic in itself) and simply not retrievable due to a business failure or some physical/natural catastrophe. Again likely "no liability" on their part with regards to the fine print.

#3 - Unlimited: again read the fine print. 2 TB + 1 byte could = more charges and fees are applied.

And do not forget security: you probably do not want other people to be able to gain access to your files. How secure is the storage service? Again - very likely that there are not (and cannot be) any guarantees.

Even if you go with an online cloud storage system, you should have you own fully controlled backup system in place. Multiple copies in multiple locations on and off site. Regular synced backups with verifications that the data is recoverable and readable.

Not being negative per se.

Just read the fine print and decide what trade-offs may be necessary and which trade-offs you are willing to make.


Mar 10, 2017
Some have set up a local NAS that can be wired (software-set) to do exactly what you want. I recommend having data folder and file backup of said NAS onto another external media from time to time. Obviously the backup media should not remain connected "forever".


May 29, 2013
Well I definitely a "oh yeah, fine-print" moment about how they'd probably have excuses if they lost all my data which I didn't consider, good point.

And for sure I also started backing up automatically to an external disk (I used to do it manually on occasions, but now I got it scheduled on backupper)

But otherwise, I DO think both google one and b2 cloud provide all 3 concerns (I wrote unlimited just in case, but 2tb is also fine, and google definitely has a 2 tb plan)...

So I was hoping to see if someone can confirm about google/b2, or offer a diffrent service? (I also see Google One has a 5 gb limit on individual files for example)