Question Only 1/3 Nvidia Shields updated to "new" layout.


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I have 3 Nvidia Shields (2x 2017, 1x 2019 Pro) where only 1/3 ( one of the 2017s) has updated to the "new" GoogleTV layout.

Not a big deal, and I could take or leave the update..... but it's a confusing situation
All have auto-update enabled. Even manually checking the other two, there is no update available.

Seems really random that only 1/3 has received the update thus far, especially one of the 2017s. Would make much more sense if it was pushed to the 2019 models first..... or even to both of the '17s ahead of the '19

Anybody see any logic to it?


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Perhaps the backend is set up somewhat along the lines of Microsoft's update servers where not everyone gets the updates at the same time in order to keep bandwidth under control. Keep them online and they should eventually pick up.
Makes sense. I always assumed the back-end limitations only applied to 'push', not 'fetch'.... but stands to reason it would be both.

I don't mind the new layout... quite liked it on the new CCwGTV. If it wasn't for the NIC issues on that, I'd probably be using that in place of my third Shield.
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