Only boot in safe mode


Jul 20, 2009
ok so i brought my sisters custom made computer over to my friends house to play. it has an amd 5600 x2 athlon dual core xfx 7900gs 2 gigs ballistix ram wd 160 and a 500g

anyways it was working like a champ and i bring it over to friends house and decided to start giving me trouble. i can boot in all safe mode's but i cant boot in regular mode. when i try to boot in regular mode i can hear the sound of loading windows vista and if i type in the pass word i hear the sound but no pictures im not really sure what to do i am looking for quick soloution so i can play for a day or two and fix the real problem when i get home. i tried system restore and did a disk check no help at all. checked msgconfig and all that need to be there are

Thanks, alex