Question Only certain DisplayPort cables seem to work

Oct 4, 2019

I recently upgraded my GPU to a RX 5700 XT. Before that I connected my monitor (Asus VG248QE) via DVI to my GPU, but as the RX 5700 XT has no DVI slot anymore I had to use a DisplayPort cable.

I was using a 90cm DisplayPort cable I bought from Amazon just fine, but the cable was a bit short so I bought a 2m long "Syncwire DisplayPort cable". Unfortunately that cable did not work, as my monitor showed me the "DisplayPort: NO SIGNAL" message whenever I switched it on. I was thinking that maybe I just got a bad cable, so I bought another one: the "belkin DisplayPort cable", which didn't work either.

I can use the 90cm cable just fine and connecting the monitor via HDMI works fine as well, but I can't get the longer cables to work for some strange reason...

I tried completely unplugging the monitor for 5 minutes, as this was a solution for some people, but it did not work for me. There was still the "DisplayPort: NO SIGNAL" message on a black screen, while I could hear Windows booting up on my headphones. I also tried using different DisplayPort slots on the GPU, but that did not solve it either. I have the newest GPU drivers installed.

I have no tool to test the cables and unfortunately I got no other PCs or monitors using the DisplayPort-standard in house.

Is there anything else I could try apart from buying more cables? Is there a possible solution to my problem? How come some cables work and others don't? Are there differences?

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Available bandwidth decreases with distance. Try setting your refresh rate to 60hz and trying the longer cable again, if it works, just a low quality cable without enough shielding to handle 1080p at 144hz.

If you've already tried that, then the cable may not meet the appropriate standard at all. In this case, pay a little more for a higher end cable that has decent reviews that match your use case.