Question ONLY Genshin Impact causes my laptop to black screen during gameplay ?

Mar 12, 2023
Hi! so I'm currently using an HP Omen 15 2019 model with RTX 3060 and i7-9750H. For the past month, I've been having an interesting problem with and only with Genshin Impact. During gameplay, my laptop will randomly black screen (I can still hear the game BG music playing but I can't do anything else) forcing me to manually restart my laptop through the power button. I think I've done tried every possible solution that might help with it:
  • reinstall the game
  • reinstall Windows
  • move the installation folder to C/D
  • replace thermal paste
  • update driver
  • reinstall driver

I've also confirmed it is not an overheating issue since I've played heavier game and have observed the black screen happening while my temp is still in the range of 50-60. This completely boggles my mind as Genshin is the ONLY game that has this problem. I've contacted the developer and even they are still "investigating" the matter, which can take months. Does anybody know what could possibly cause this? any input is appreciated thanks :)


Nov 28, 2022
This looks like a driver issue. Try to update both the Nvidia and the Intel's GPU drivers.

Probably the game is switching from the Intel's GPU to the Nvidia's gpu on the fly, and at that time something breaks.
Try to run the game with either of the GPUs and check if the problem occurs. Right click on the icon -> Run program with Nvidia GPU, or Run program with Intel GPU.