Question Only Getting 50-60 FPS on my High End PC, Is it normal?

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My point is there was some graphical setting in the game, hence why other games worked without the issue. The display-port cable didn't raise your fps, it was the game settings/optimization. As remix and I have said multiple times refresh rate has nothing to do with fps which is the reasons why all of your other games had higher fps than your refresh rate.
The guy that recommended display port over hdmi because of incorrect pretense that hdmi is limited to 60hz so happened to coincidentally resolve your issue. But it was not because of the cable. It was because of either the game settings which you couldn't figure out or it's optimization.
Jun 18, 2019
Okay, i bought the display port cable. I changed it with my hdmi port. I went to settings and changed my refresh rate from 60hz to 144hz. I opened fivem (didnt change a single setting) somehow my fps higher. Idk wtf happened if the cable is not the reason for my fps to be higher.