Only Half a Stick of Ram being used.


Mar 16, 2013
I have been having problems recently with PC crashes and lockups, sometimes with weird screens with unique characters and just blank yellowish screens. I then seemed to fix the problem by turning off power saving mode on my monitor, but the problem had been inconsistent with the crashes so I'm still not sure. I then tried playing some "Hitman: Absolution" but it crashed with bug that some people have, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that it said I was only using two gigabytes of my eight (two four gigs). I upgraded BIOS and it said that it was using four gigs, so I thought I would find which stick was the problem and replace it as soon as possible. But the next morning it was back to two! So I thought I would make an account on here to see what you guys had to say. I also will link to a picture of what my System Info. section says about my RAM.

Help would be much appreciated!

(Sorry about the lack of embedded images, it wouldn't work for me.)

Black Screen with Characters:

Yellowish Screen:

RAM System Info.:


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