Question only one 3.5mm 5.1 output port and need 3 to enable true 5.1 surround sound

Dec 30, 2019
okay, so basically i bought a motherboard which supports all the way up to 7.1 surround sound.

But the ting is: it only does that by using one 3.5mm jack. View:

But my 5.1 speaker configuration needs 6 total RCA cables. View:
I only got 3 times 3.5mm jack to one red and one white RCA in the package.
as you can see in this video
is that he plugs it into extra 3.5mm ports that i do not have.
so basically i am missing 2 ports. any advice?

I am also now running this in stereo mode and that works fine but i just kinda want it working in true 5.1.

I thought of a male 3.5mm jack to 3 female 3.5mm jacks audio splitter. but I do not know if this will work or maybe even buying a soundcard to go into my pc.

If one of y'all know if this may fix this or have another solution please leave a comment.
thanks in advance.


Look at your audio options to see if you can configure the jack outputs for surround sound. You are likely to need some 3.5mm to RCA adapter cables. If not, you can get an external or internal add on sound card.

You have 3 jacks, so for outputs they will likely be combinations ones for center, left/right front, left/right rear and maybe a sub out on one of them. Need to read the manual to the motherboard. Or get an add on sound card with more options.
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