Question Only one Bluetooth device connecting at a time


Mar 9, 2015
I picked up an HP Stream 7 tablet on eBay. Upgraded to Windows 10 and all latest drivers. All seems to be working properly. I am trying to connect a Dictopro D100 Bluetooth keyboard and a "Quiet Wireless Bluetooth Mouse" (off-brand, search it on Amazon to see the one) to it.

I have connected both these devices to multiple other Windows computer and Android tablets. However, on the Stream, I am only able to connect to one Bluetooth device at a time. If I turn the mouse on, it works, but turning the keyboard on does nothing. If I turn the mouse and keyboard off and then turn the keyboard on, the keyboard works, but now the mouse won't work no matter what I do until I turn the keyboard off. The same thing happens with a Bluetooth headset; it will work but only if it's the first thing I connect. If I have both the keyboard and mouse on when I start the computer it will only connect to the last one it was connected to.

It's not a problem with the peripherals themselves or interference because as I said I've connected them simultaneously to multiple other computers/tablets. It's not a compatibility issue because the Stream does work with each one individually, and it's not an issue unique to these two peripherals because as I mentioned it also occurs with the LG audio headset (it only connects if I turn it on when the keyboard and mouse are both of). I can therefore only conclude it is some sort of driver/settings issue, but I am totally stumped. All my drivers are updated and I can't figure out what setting this would be. Can't find any similar problems online. Anyone know what I can do here?