[SOLVED] Only one RAM stick working with computer


Feb 21, 2020
So I recently got some new memory for my computer
OS: Windows 10
Motherboard: MPG Z390 Gaming plus (MS-7B51)
CPU: I7 9700k at default settings
GPU: RTX 2060
RAM I got 2 sticks of corsair vengeance RGB pro @ 3200mhz (CMH32GX4M2E3200C16) however it only works with one stick at a time and the stick only runs at 1066mhz (this is probably caused by the fact I have XMP turned off)

What happens whenever I put in 2 sticks of ram the computer turns on but I won't get a display on my monitor and the RGB wont light up on my mouse but both ram sticks are working because they both light up.
My motherboard can support the RAM according to everything I've read.

I've tried reseating the memory and taking the CMOS batter out and putting it back in after a couple of minutes to reset the bios but the same thing happens. If anyone could help me with this that would be great.

I'm able to use both sticks of ram if I put them in the B1 and B2 slots they work just no dual channel which kind of sucks so I'm still hoping to find a way to fix it, I have also updated my bios to the latest version but that didn't fix it either.
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