Question Only option I can think of is my PSU isn't strong enough. (random shutdowns)


Dec 18, 2016
Thanks in advance for your replies.

I currently have this PC (click for pcpartpicker list)


Every day, maybe once or twice a day, my pc randomly restarts. No BSOD. Here are the facts:

  • It happens when the pc is idle and i'm afk, or if i'm streaming a video, it's not always necessarily when I'm gaming but that does happen too.
  • No BSOD, at least when i'm using the pc so
  • It's not windows updates, I've checked.
-My CPU is overclocked, so is my RAM and CPU, I've disabled all OC's and still the same results

Things I've tried:
-My CPU/GPU/RAM is overclocked with adjusted timings I've disabled all OC's and still the same results. I also ran stress tests (Prime95, Heaven for 2 hours, and memtest86) and no shutdowns or errors detected.
  • Reinstalling NVIDIA Drivers
  • Running malwarebytes, nothing found
  • Checked event log viewer: I see "The previous system shutdown at 11:58:16 PM on ‎2019-‎12-‎11 was unexpected." However, no event listed before it to indicate any problems (previous event before the boot was 2 hours prior)
  • I put the minimum processor state to 5% (was at 100% on my power settings) and disabled automatic restart.
  • I tried using driver verifier, but my system wouldn't boot so I disabled it and don't really know how to get it to work
  • No yellow icons in Device manager so I don't see any drivers out of date
  • Looked at a hwinfo log prior to one of these crashes, no abnormal temps either.
At this point, I think it's the power supply, It's odd because I would have thought that initially, but I assumed that when i'm doing demanding work, it would be the PC shutting down completely because I'm drawing too much power. However, I don't think that's the case as I should be fine with this 9-month old power supply, but who knows, I'm out of things to try.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Oct 17, 2019
You can click the link now, it's set to public. Also it's less than a year old and it's an EVGA 650 GQ

Decent unit and not old at all. Lets see other options.

Interestingly enough i have the same problem on one of my computers. Reboots, not really much in the event log, can be under gaming, can be while watching video, just idling or idling and playing music. Can be several times a day. Can be many days in between. Pretty random in other words.. though it's more of a "guest" PC, so i have not done anything about it yet.

I suspect PSU though, but mine is over 6 years old at minumum.

Other thoughs than that, i just might have to reinstall windows. I had an overclock on it before for many years, never actually tested fully out the stability of the overclock, but it was what i thought "stable" for years. After a hot summer and excessive temps, i had to clock it down.

Anyway, an "unstable" overclock might damage the OS over time, you might start getting random reboots or bsod's right away, you might get it in a month or a year or two.

I would try a clean install.

When i get around to it, i will get a new PSU and reinstall at the same time.


Dec 18, 2016
Hmmm interesting. I might try a clean install, but interestingly enough this system is less than 2 months old, I built it not long ago. OC is stable as far as I can tell after running multiple benchmarks.

Also, I did a fresh install of windows about a month ago, but I don't see the harm in doing another, if all else fails.

I might buy a PSU just to see if it helps and if so I know, if not I return it and know that it's not the problem..I'm just tired of this random reboot nonsense! Lol