Question only receiving 100 mb/s at network adapter (windows xp) using cat6 POE cameras

Nov 30, 2022
only receiving 100 mb/s at network adapter (windows xp) using cat6 POE cameras...cables and connectors are functioning correctly. is there setting in the network adapter I'm missing? we have several other cameras working just fine at 1 GB/s, just 2 network adapters should 100 MB/s
I am confused by your post do you have multiple machines or do you have multiple nic cards in the same machine....or do you mean something else.

On the nic you want to be sure it is set to auto for the speed.

In general this tends to be a cable issue but when you have PoE involved it gets more complex. How do you get the POE to the cameras. Are you using some kind of power injector and do you know if it is using the standard 802.3af/at form of PoE or is it some proprietary thing.
Many of the proprietary passive injectors only run at 100mbps, they can not pass data and power over the same pair at the same time. The 802.3af/at does run power and data so it can run at gigabit. There are some of the proprietary systems that can also run at 1gbit but it varies a lot between vendors.