Jan 1, 2022
Problem: Every few weeks, the machine goes for several days consecutively no longer responding to the power button press in the morning, irregardless if it was shut down or asleep. The only way to turn on the PC is to flip the switch on the surge protector to OFF, then ON. When it is flipped to ON, the PC automatically starts. After about a week, the problem disappears. This has continued for about 6 months, and has made it infeasible to put the machine to sleep, since there is always a risk of losing the work in the morning.

  1. This only happens in the mornings after a period of 6hrs+ being shut down or asleep. If I shut down my PC during the day, or bring it to sleep, it starts up just fine.
  2. It is not due to storm surge, since the problem repeats itself every day.
  3. CMOS battery is not the issue, already tried using a new one.
  4. Flipping the switch on the PC itself in the back does nothing if it is not starting up. Only flipping the surge protector switch works.
  5. Surge protector indicator lights are all showing normal. The surge protector was bought new just a few months back.
  6. There are usually about 10 other small devices on the surge protector, and in the mornings, they are all working normally and powered on, indicating no disruption in power supply. Bypassing the surge protector is not an option since storms and power outages are very common in the area. Unplugging all the devices in the evening on the surge protector except the PC still results in the same problem in the morning. Same result with a different surge protector.
  7. When the power button is not working, all normal lights on PC motherboard are ON, indicating power delivery.
  8. There do not appear to be any mechanical or electrical issues with the power button.
  9. The PC is just a few months old, and all power settings (e.g. BIOS settings) are on factory defaults.

My superstitions are with socket voltage fluctuations in the house, but I suspect I'd need special equipment to test that, and not sure where to start. Hope I may solicit your guys' recommendations on how to troubleshoot this further....

Specs: PowerSpec G359
  • Intel Core i7 11700 2.5GHz Processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
  • Power Supply
    • 650 Watt
    • Combined +12V Rating
    • 585 Watts (48.75A)


Power down, unplug, open the case.

Clean out dust and debris.

Verify by sight and feel that all connectors, cards, RAM, and jumpers are fully and firmly in place.

Look for any signs of physical damage: bare conductor showing, pinched or kinked wires, Especially around the I/O panel.

Make and model surge protector? Remember surge protectors have a limit in how much energy (Joules) they can absorb. If near, at, or past that limit the surge protector may be part of the problem.

For trouble shooting purposes you should temporarily remove the surge protector. Then if the problem ends you can try just PC and surge protector. Then add back the other devices one by one.

10 connected devices? What devices? Do any of those devices create any sort of loop or circle via any of the connections being used: A to B to C to D to A.