Oct 21, 2006
Hi, so I need some more help,
I am pretty good at removing spyware, even some real shitty spyware, I my self, don't get spyware to often, but I am building a computer for my friend and I am trying to make it a good experiance for him sense he is spending a good amount of money on it, his family computer is constantly contaminated with spyware, and sometimes viruses, mainly spyware, now I get over here and I remove it, by hand most of the time, I go to the task manager, look up processes I do not recignize, research it, kill it, search for it, delete it, but a lot of the times there is some other spyware that likes to cause pop ups, and just craps all over the space, and I cant seem to get rid of them, I have to try and research the spyware and figure out how to manually get it out, well its getting really annoying, so I am here to ask people what spyware software removal would you recomend,

I use adaware, and spysweeper, and it always finds a load of crap, so I know those are decent pieces of software considering they do find resualts and they do get rid of them, but they dont seem to be able to get rid of the ones that are clearly screwing my friend out of using the computer due to pop ups and other crap....

so, what spyware removal tools are out there that is good at getting rid of those real pain in ass spyware that adaware, spybot, spysweep, cant seem to get rid of...



Oct 16, 2006
man i was in your situation once, i ran everything, windows defender, spybot, spysweeper, adaware, ran them from safe mode too, but they just wouldn't get rid of the damn pop-ups, i also did the online anti-spyware scans through the browser, hijack this, clean up all the browser's temporary junk but nothing

so one day i just gave up, but then did something so basic, i just copied and pasted the URL of the popup from IE's address bar into google's search, and sure enough, there was a tool made just for that particular pop-up variant and it damn sure fixed it, it had nested itself in places of the registry that i just couldn't think it was possible, even though i had disabled all the startup items and everything using msconfig and startup folder clean ups

the tools u have are the same ones that we all use, i mean i'm sure people will recommend some more in here, but ultimately, if u get infected and they can't remove it, u gotta search it up and remove it manually, and with popups (since there's a million different kinds), try using the URL to find the specific removal instructions for it

good luck
Panda Platinum Internet Security.

It has blocked every single bit of spyware that has tried to install itself on my computer. I haven't needed any other spyware apps since I started using it. Virus protection, firewall and spam filter as well... and all do their jobs very well. It also updates itself daily rather than weekly.