OOOPS! Hard Disk problems What should I do?


Jan 12, 2012

My son deleted some windows system files from his Asus eeepc netbook, it doesn't have a cd/dvd drive and I haven't been able to boot it from F9 or any other way, it's still working(just), after days of searching trying different methods of making a bootable usb. Or get the xp iso to his netbook and try and boot it via a virtual drive~(these all seem like great ideas but maybe I was being naive lol)

I found tomshardware site today and had a search where I found this method .

I had a windows xp iso on my laptop and this seemed the easiest method I found in the past few days, so I went with it, however...........

I didn't know not to do it off my own laptop and now I have well I have recovered my own laptop lol I I daren't turn my laptop off in fear of what will happen!

My biggest part (almost 290gb) has gone stripey, please tell me a System Restore will sort this out.

Thanks is advance


First, don't try to repair the damage until you figure out a strategy, as things may only get worse.

You can easily do installs on a netbook that does not have a CD/DVD drive by using a usb stick.

There are many good guides to install Windows XP from a usb stick like THIS ONE, but they assume that you have a full installation disk image available.

A system restore may or may not work, but his netbook will have to have all the needed files to do that. What type of backup disks, if any, came with the netbook and does it have a restore partition?