[SOLVED] Opening a bank account online

mhmd shoumar

Feb 11, 2015
Hi, I have 0 knowledge in these stuff, so bear with me please.
I want to open a bank account in Europe (France), but I cannot travel so I found that I can open it online and then transfer money from my local bank. However I'm afraid that my pc is hacked or contains a virus that may steal my info. How I can make sure that my info on the pc are 100% secured. I made many payments through my card on the pc but my card is not international so no one can withdraw or transfer money outside my country, for that I was not worried, but now that I'm about to open an account that can be used internationally, I'm afraid and anxious.
For more info I live in Lebanon, the banks have capital control over our cards, that's why we cant use it internationally, I have to open a specials type of account so I can transfer the money outside the country, its complicated..
Better yet, I'd do banking with an up to date Linux Mint 20, MX Linux, etc...(you can boot/operate from a Live USB flash drive....)

Certainly do NOT do it if your existing OS has any doubts. Nuke and pave first, as suggested above....