OpenVPN+RT-N66U router w/ shibby FW+ISP dslBOX modem/router help


Sep 21, 2012
K I'm in!!!!

I am the happy owner of an RT-N66U flashed with shibby tomato-K26USB-1.28.RT-N5x-MIPSR2-101-AIO-64K

I did that
and that
and it worked great so far as a proof of consept

now I would like more info to fine tune my set up

I tried my luck on smallnetbuilder and the tomatoUSB forums let see what the tom's hw community has for me... hopefully out of 3 i'll get everything working... i did check lots of threads all around the www but don't feel like i have what i need just yet...

I would like to have either some advice and/or documentation on the WiFi set up.... because i'm kind of new to all this options of configuration....

(that might be a vpn forum question so i'll do a post there too)i sat up the vpn on openVPN as shown on the tut..

it's kind of working...

my set up right now is a dsl modem/router box from my ISP and my RT-N66U behind it and my XB on the asus router and Wi-Fi devices connecing to either the dsl BOX or the assus router depending on what location I want to be in.

now I know my set up is shaddy since I was just testing if it works.

My dsl BOX has limited options... I can put it in bridge mode and have my asus router do all the routing that's one quick easy fix.... and that would work for me if I can have 4 WiFi connection... 2 2.4Ghz and 2 5Ghz connection each one going either through the VPN or not through the VPN.. I'd have something like that:

WiFi2.5_VPN, WiFi2.5_local, WiFi5_VPN, WiFi5_local and my Eth going through VPN...

is that possible??? Looks like it with all the Vlan option and all but not sure how to hack it alone...

now if not possible (and I'd rather keep the dsl BOX routing too since it has an integrated NAS on it which I can't on the network if he box is in bridge mode) I know i have some limited control over the DHCP table with the dsl BOX.. I'd like to know if I can keep it routing with a table going from to and have the asus with a dedicated IP on the BOX routing with a table to with the XBox having a fixed IP...

If that works it would be the best but I need some help to be sure I'm not missing something.... tomato has so much more administrative option than factory firmware it's overwhelming :p

now 3rd and last question
can I set up openVPN with a bunch of VPN server address to chose from and it automatically logs in the fastest one... or an easy solution to enter several server IPs and quickly switch???

Hoppefully I will have more feedback on that post than I did on the last one

thank you all and see you on the other side


Sep 21, 2012
ok still no luck I see

still no clue on the wifi tweaking to have the best throughput and coverage etc but beside that I moved forward and that's what I did

I sat up the DSL modem/router box from the ISP like that:

IP local
DHCP table
I locked the asus RT-N66U router MAC address to
and I DMZed that address on the DSL modem/router

now on the asus RT-N66U
IP local
DHCP table
I locked the XBox 360 MAC address to

on the XB
I put the IP as

I did some port triggering on the asus like that:
Port 88 (UDP)
Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
Port 80 (TCP)

and ticked
enable UPnP
enable NAT-PMP
inactive rules cleaning
cleaning interval 600 second
cleaning threshold 20 redirection
secure mode

My problem is I can connect to the WiFi on both the DSL modem/router and the ASUS router and everything is fine. I'm currently on the ASUS typing that post and I'm behind a US VPN showing a US IP when I test it on speetest or pingtest. and a French one corresponding at my fix IP provided by my ISP when I use the wifi from the DSL modem/router

************ MY PROBLEM *********************

My xbox is working fine on hulu netflix or other in OS apps but the connection test shows a NAT error (NAT status moderate) and gaming and VoIP is terrible or non existent

PLEASE HELP or at least say HI... no answer what so ever here on smallnetbuilder or tomatoUSB forums lol :p

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