Opera On Edge About Microsoft's Recent Power Consumption Browser Tests

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Good article. And good for Opera, promptly speaking up about the issue. I don't wish to be biased but frankly when it comes to MS I have difficulty trusting them or taking them at their word these days. And I know I'm not the only one.


Feb 10, 2009
Opera uses a dev browser in the test and has add block on, while the Edge browser doesn`t , also the two tests are done completely different, one by watching a video the other by browsing certain websites that have adds in them (Opera not showing the adds has less things to do).
I use both Opera and Edge and both have their strong points and weaknesses.


May 10, 2012
Reducing video bitrate, disabling plugins, dropping frame-rate to 30 fps and almost disabling everything else to the extent you're nearly running in private mode plus ad block enabled isn't really a valid comparison though.
Though, it is nice to see they're all starting to optimise the browsers.
Exactly. I find it funny that so many people by default don't trust MS or their tests. Meanwhile Opera's own admitted testing methodology has problems. If you're gonna bash MS, fine, but at least be consistent and point out the problems of the competitors.

But Microsoft is evil!!!!!!!!!

The one thing I am laughing at is "how optimized Edge is for a Surface Book". I mean people really think that short of the unique hinge/dock factor it is that vastly different than any other 2 in 1?

Yeah, I'm not exactly sure how that's supposed to work either. Any optimizations for the hardware would apply to all Skylake platforms, wouldn't it?

But wait, MS is evil, unscrupulous, and underhanded. They for sure put some specially optimized code in Edge that can only be accessed with special white-listed Surface hardware specs and firmware identifiers. Yeah, that's the ticket.

The only optimization that could possibly be just for the Surface Book would be a calculated processing draw that was designed specifically to the SB's CPU power draw and battery. And if someone thinks they put that much money in R&D for a single device, that risks poorer performance on just about every other x86 mobile device, I've got some great beach-front glacial property available in the Caribbean for sale.
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Lucian stated this same unsubstantiated opinion in the original article. Without some kind of evidence Lucian, you're simply pontificating. All these devices are running the same Windows and Edge code, amigo. I actually like Opera, and I used to use them a lot before they switched to Chromium. I still would recommend them over Chrome. But the Opera test the article covers is openly SLANTED - they kicked on their adblocker for crying out loud! Tell them to retest both browsers with an adblocker on and off. Preferably on a low-power Skylake processor. Better yet, Tom's should test the browsers.

The only really interesting information to come out of the Opera test is that despite using a different workload, Edge STILL beat Chrome in battery life (and likely would beat FF had Opera bothered to test that too). Which verifies what I said last time: Google has only minimal power optimizations in the full-fat x86 builds of Chrome. I have no doubt Google will now dedicate resources to rectifying this situation, which is good for Chrome users.

Actually I haven't seen a browser roundup from Toms in a while. I think you are right. A third party test would be best to hopefully remove any skew from the tests.

While I think the adblocker is a nice feature a fair test is equal on all footing, not just what on supports on while the other sits there.

Such a fail from Opera. Calling out the competition for a lack of transparency, but then optimising their own browser to skew the results... at least they were transparent about it I guess!

Chrome is terrible on battery life in my experience though, particularly (ironically) for Google's own Youtube playback. I've had to basically stop using it on my SP3 Pro because it runs significantly hotter and louder. Chorme can't handle 1080P youtube, and even 720P only lasts about ~90 minutes on battery. Edge easily provides several hours of smooth 1080P@60 youtube without noise or heat issues. I haven't tried Opera though.

Heavy sarcasm and irony are ways of trolling, isn't it? But it's fine, I don't really care that much. I was just pocking fun at you for having fun.

And no, my comment was meant as a joke (so the up-votes confirm). They are controversial at times (jokes), but hardly trolling.



Feb 21, 2016
why bother with tests Microsoft ??? You know your not the only software company and somebody else will come up with their own tests, it's just stupid.

another question is why bother bringing up Edge ??? no amount of tech articles will recover your company from lack of trust/coolness in your brand

Joking, I am sure, but I doubt it. Microsoft doesn't seem like they would pull an Apple or even a Google (like when Google removed the official YouTube player from Windows Phone).

Because despite what might be "cool" Edge is a decent browser. It does need some things, like extensions, but it is a fast and smooth browser otherwise.


May 23, 2015
Lol. What a freaking amateur of an author. Microsoft fine tuning a browser for the surface pro. Lol. As if. How uninformed do you have to be to make such a comment? You shouldn't be writing articles. You should stick to moderating the forums.


Jun 8, 2011
Now I know how they did it! Reading the article, they used Windows 10, with "No other software or services ... running in the background". From what I understand that is impossible! So, what MS did was to actually patch W10 to d e t e c t when Edge is running and truly turn of any background services and other software! How about that! Huh!

No. Background services are always running and the computer won't even work without them.
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