Opertating system install on new hardrive


Feb 16, 2012
My emachine D620 notebook would'nt start up and kept coming up with PXE-E61: Media test failure and PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE Rom. Operating system not found. I was told that it was a faulty hardrive and have installed a brandnew one. I did'nt get a re-boot disc when i got the notebook. how do i restore it to working order. gratful for any help.cheers.
Before you swapped the drives, did you try to reseat the old one, and make sure it was listed in the BIOS as a seen drive, and listed in the boot order?

To get a restore disk, if you did not make a set when you first got the computer, contact Emachines, they will send you one. Should not cost much.