Opetron and ATI X1800 XT heating up


Dec 24, 2005
Hi there!
I've got AMD Opetron 170 and ATI Radeon X1800XT and temperature is above melting point on both. I shoudn't be relying on Thermaltake Venus 12 and integrated ATI fan. What should I buy. I've an eye on Thermaltake Bigwater SE LIQUID COOLING SYSTEM. But is that compatible with AMD Opetron socket 939 and how to cool down ATI X1800XT card? Please help, otherwise I'm dead!!


What are your temps and specs?

I have the Asus A8R-MVP with Opteron 175 and HiS X1800XT with Corsair Xpert 2x512MB RAM.
My CPU idles around 36C to 37C and full load around 45C while running CPU at 5% o/c and X1800 at core speed 675mhz and mem at 775mhz.

Did you use thermal paste included or Artic Silver on CPU block?
Is CPU block installed properly?