Question Opinion about Antec HCG 850W Bronze


Grrr. If something like the 80+ rating changes, they should give it a different model name. Shame on you Antec. I don't know this site, but here is a review.

I started on the rest results. In terms of efficiency, it meets silver? It's able to stay in spec at 20-100% load for ripple as well. Next page has the OPP, and I'd argue that being able to pull 1.1+kW from an 850W PSU probably isn't the best idea. They also don't say if efficiency or ripple is still in spec. There is a trip point however. From their conclusion page.

In terms of looks and performance figures, it’s hard to fault this power supply. It does exactly what it promises on the box and generally does it very well. This is a power supply that has attempted to balance out price, wattage, and performance and on the whole, I think it does quite well...This is a quality power supply, there is no doubting that. Whether you should buy one though all comes down to your personal requirements. If you were to ask me if I was to recommend this power supply for an office computer, I would answer no. The efficiency and PFC ratings at low load are not particularly impressive. If you were to ask me if this was suitable for a gaming PC, I’d say absolutely.
So what I said about the gold unit also applies here? Nothing amazing, but not a horrible unit either. They are concerned about the ripple at lower loads and that might be something to consider. The 5V rail wasn't out of spec at 40% output, but it was up to 40%. This means if you are shooting for something that has a power draw of 300-450W, which most single GPU PCs have, the ripple will be the highest. Is it enough to kill devices? No, so it's not a big concern. To be honest however you are probably better off with a 550W gold seasonic. Is there a reason you are looking at a 850W PSU?


Mar 14, 2020
The Gold one is Seasonic Focus, but 'nothing amazing' indeed, just a decent semi-high-end unit. Bronze one is Andyson GX, sorta like EVGA BQ, totally budget stuff, so even more-'nothing amazing', might be okay for a ~$1k rig, nothing more, and there are probably better choices for it's price anyway.
PS: The 20mV ripple at 5V is totally normal, the specs are 50mV, and i don't have much confidence in the accuracy of Eteknix's ripple measurements in the first place.