Question Opinion on CPU Cooler


Mar 21, 2016
Hi, would like to get your opinion:

My current PC specs are as following:

CPU : Ryzen 5 2600
MB : ASRock B450m Pro4
GPU : Galax GTX 1070ti
Casing : Thermaltake Versa H18
- 2 Front Intake Fans @ 140mm
- 1 Top Exhaust Fan @ 140mm
- 1 Rear Exhaust Fan @ 120mm (high speed about 3000 rpm)

My temps for both the CPU and GPU are currently, at about 66- 70 Deg C when playing intensive games such as Anthem. I know the temps are not that bad but I'm js considering of possibly getting a CPU cooler :

  1. Cryorig H7
  2. ID Cooling Frostflow 240+ (radiator has to be in front since the top only allows a 120 radiator)
Which would be a better choice since they are of about the same price point for me?

Also, using the radiator as also intake fans, wondering if it will affect my gpu since it is already releasing heat from the CPU upon intake and the fans are not 120mm instead of 140mm.

Would like to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks!

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