Opinions on CPU HSF for AM3 system



Hi all,
I've been researching this issue, but would like everyone's thoughts on what would make a good aftermarket HSF for my system:

Antec Signature SG-850 PSU (1 80mm fan)
Antec 1200 Case (6 fans) (side panel currently off of system)
Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-UDP5 Mobo
AMD Phenom II X955 BE @ 3.2ghz (stock HSF, no OC)
Patriot Memory 4 x 2gb @ 1600mhz
ATI HD4890 x 2 @ OC to 940/1140mhz (stock cooling)
Seagate 1TB 7200.12
APC Backup-UPS XS1500

Currently my CPU runs around 40-42 @ idle and up to 55 @ load.
My GPU's run around 61-65 @ idle and up to almost 90 @ load.

- What HSF do you use
- What kind of temp improvements did you see
- Where did you buy your HSF
- I've heard that perfect flatness ot the HSF base is preferred. Thoughts

I really appreciate everyone thoughts and time. Thank you!

Comer, GA
- I still use the original Thermalright Ultra 120 with two Scythe S-Flex 1600rpm fans, and IC Diamond 7 Carat thermal compound. Results are outstanding.

- The last time I used a stock cpu heatsink fan was many years ago so I can't comment on temp improvements. I doubt that any of the regulars and veterans here have used a stock cpu heatsink in a long time.

-I bought my cpu heatsink from The Heatsink Factory:


-Yes, flatness is preferred. I lapped my heatsink and my cpu. It is not a mandatory requirement. I just wanted to see if an old fart like me could do it. There is an exception to the preference for flatness. Sometimes the heatsink and cpu are slightly curved in such a manner that they mate perfectly.

Now, about those temps - One should also have a case with excellent ventilation, airflow, cooling, and cable management. Your Antec Twelve Hundred is just such a case. Here's a link to a full tower case comparison that includes thermal testing: