opinions on Realtek ALC655


Jun 21, 2004

My motherboard has onboard audio (Realtek ALC655). It supports 6 Channel audio and all.

What do you guys think about it? I tried looking on the web for more info or user opinions but couldn't find much.

I was thinking of getting a soundcard. Well I had already gotten an sblive! 5.1 digital. After not being able to get cmss (stereo sound thru all 5 speakers) working on it properly I sent it back. Had problems with an audigy 2 and audigy before that. So no more creative, ever!

Im not that fussed about sound. But if my onboard is known to use up alot of cpu time, etc, i'm prepared to get a soundcard.

Right now i'm either gonna get an s-bracket for my msi mainboard and use the onboard for surround or get the Philips Sonic Edge, which hopefully won't have software as crap as creatives.

I haven't got the best speakers in the world, so theres not much point in getting the best soundcard in the world. But I don't want to strain my cpu.

Would getting the philips sonic edge be an improvement over my current setup?


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Funny thing, Creative's soundcards also carry high overhead. I've heard the ALC655 is a reasonably good (mid-quality) codec that won't annoy most listeners.

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