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Opinions on reusing an old motherboard for a new build


Oct 2, 2017
Hey guys, I'm in the process of putting together a new pc reusing the motherboard, ram, hard drive and cpu from a previous pre-build I had purchased, and new components for everything else. Here's a link to the list of components: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/wYHwd6

I feel fairly confident that the cpu will be fine for some time yet, but don't have enough knowledge about motherboards to tell whether or not it will cause me any issues with all these new components. The motherboard isn't compatible with DDR4, which is another, albeit small, reason for concern.

Lastly, I would appreciate any opinions on my rams. I have 4 x 4gb DDR-1600 installed from a manufacturing company (ASint) that seems super shady. Should i spend the money on replacing them?

Thanks in advance for any responses, I very much appreciate it.



May 9, 2012
What are you planing to do with the system?

When I built my aunts system, she always ends up getting my hand me downs.

Shes now using my old Asus z77 board with an i7 3770s, 16GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2400 RAM, That entire combo was running my games and folding at home everyday for about 2 years before I gave it to her, before that it was my friends which he had it since it was new. She did have my Phenom II x4 940 build I had about 5 years ago.

She now is using my GTX780ti as well, There is nothing wrong with reusing parts, as long as the parts in question is still functional and running at normal or safe operating temperatures. I mean you can't tell when something will fail, but ivy bridge isn't really that old and still has plenty of life left.

For the RAM, well as long as the ram is working who cares what brand it is. 1600mhz speed is still perfectly fine, its not worth getting faster DDR3 ram specially at current RAM prices. As long as its working fine no crashes blue screens or overheating then I'd say keep on rocking the odd ball RAM.



With what you have their no memory or CPU to upgrade to that would make any since to spend money on unless you go to the latest parts that would really mean a new board CPU and memory.