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Mar 11, 2019
I'm about to purchase a complete new computer (everyting will be bought part by part, it's not any ready-for-sell pc) and i want to know the opinion of some more experienced guys on the hardware section. The pc is intented for light gaming and casual use. So i have found:
Cpu i3 6100 for 50€
Mobo b250m-ds3h for 50€
Gpu msi gtx 960 2g for 60€
Ram hyperx fury ddr4 8gb 2133 (1 slot) for 40€
Hdd wd 500gb for 20€
Case aerocool qs-240 /or aero 500 for 30€
Psu 500 or 600w for 30€
= 280€
Tell me what do u think about this system and if i should replace something with something else
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Mar 12, 2019
Pretty good for what you need it for, aslong as it is just ''light gaming''

I'd probably swap out the HDD for an SSD, or maybe just add a 240GB SSD if you've got the cash for your OS and any games, the prices have dropped a lot in recent times, and it will make all sorts of difference.
If you can find a G4560 for under 50€ that would be a better choice as it's comparable to the 6100 and is usually cheaper. For light gaming and general use the system is fine however you may want to eventually get a SSD for faster operation.