Question Opinions on WTFast GPN ?

Feb 4, 2021
Anyone use this and does it help? Or have alternatives for better ping and connectivity? I live in an area where I can't get very good internet speeds. I pay for 300 down and 30 up but hardly get half of that down. Any tips??
This is actually impossible to predict. It depends on how your ISP is connected to other ISP.

The theory is that IF you can get a very good connection to WTFast data center they MIGHT have a better path to the game server than your ISP does.

The place this works best is in asia. A lot of this area of the world is connected via undersea cable. Not all ISP have are willing to use the most direct fiber connections. Smaller ISP only have so much money and they may not buy the ability to run traffic on all the different connections. So they might have good connection between some counties and not others. What you hope is using WTFast might have traffic that uses different fiber connections.

This does not work as well in say the USA or the EU where there is massive interconnected fiber between ISP. It might in some cases depending on the ISP but again it is impossible to say because it depends on what large city you are near and how many interconnects there are.

In general any form of VPN should make the connection slower and have more latency. There is a lot of overhead in the encryption and the data must now go to a vpn data center first rather than directly to the server.

Note if you use this type of service your goal is to reduce the ping time. When you have very fast internet connection like your the maximum speed might be much less, but games do not care about speed. Also you would only want to do this to get large decreases in latency. Deceases of say 10-30ms is not going to make much difference. If you can reduce it 100ms that will be best. Also be aware you should look up some of the latency stats between cities. The latency many times is being limited by the speed of light so it is the distance between the cities causing the latency.