Question Opinions required in choosing CPU.

Jul 9, 2019
Hi there everyone,

I was waiting for the Amd's Ryzen Launch and now that' already done I was wondering if you all can suggest me a CPU according to my work/requirements.

Currently my setup I'm planning to get

CPU : Ryzen 3900x / i9 9900k
Mobo : x570 / z390
CPU Cooler : Looking for suggestions as well. (Liquid Cooling)
Ram : Trident Z RGB 16 GB 3200
SSD : Samsung M.2 512 GB
GPU : RTX 2070 Super
SMPS : Corsair 1000 W

Alright my main priority is doing mostly Adobe stuffs like (Ae,Ps,Ai,Pr) also I plan to do gaming at 1440p at 144hz. (Not at all planning to go 4K not interested) So according to you all what you think is best for me ? I also plan to get 3 monitor setups as well but i will mostly play with one monitor tho.(middle one)

I would be really appreciated if you can give suggestions and explain why you're suggesting the said cpu.
If I end up buying Ryzen 3900x can I OC it to 5 Ghz or its too much to ask ?


Feb 15, 2015
Don't expect to OC much at all with the 3900x. I'd say in your case, its actually pretty hard to decide. Ryzen is usually better at productivity, but in your case, Adobe favors Intel . Normally for 1440p, I would go with Ryzen, since higher resolution puts less pressure on CPU for gaming, but you have 144hz screen, which means Intel again could be better to squeeze every last frame out of your setup. However, since your are using an RTX 2070, the 3900x could still do fine, since the RTX-2070 will be the limiting factor at 1440p 144hz more than the CPU. I would say that for gaming, its gonna favor i9-9900k maybe 5 to 10%. For Adobe stuff, I'm not well versed in that software, but I've heard that Intel (i9-9900k) is normally superior in video editing for premier. If you plan to have 3 monitors for multitasking and stuff (like video edit and stream and encode at the same time), I would say the 3900x is better since it has 12c/24threads versus i9-9900k 's 8c/16threads.
The current suggestion from most tech reviewers I follow suggests that Intel's usual advantage in Adobe workloads has been eroded by the Ryzen 9; previously I would suggest sticking with Intel if those workloads are important. Intel still has the gaming advantage, and if only gaming, then Intel should be the choice. Anything more than 'just gaming' puts AMD at an advantage. At higher resolution like 1440p the workload starts to shift towards the GPU, so the Intel's raw frames advantage is lessened.

One thing I would suggest is try to get 32GB of RAM if you can afford to. I only play about in Blender and even 16GB is starting to feel like it's on the low side.
The current suggestion from most tech reviewers I follow suggests that Intel's usual advantage in Adobe workloads has been eroded by the Ryzen 9...
I think the reasoning they use is Adobe, PS in particular, seems to favor processor clock speed. Don't know why that would be so, but that's always the comment.

But the thing I keep in mind when specc'ing out a computer is not just individual component cost but whole-system cost. So even if Intel should has a slight speed advantage in processing for your use case, how can you effectively use saved money on processor to enhance and future proof elsewhere? Maybe a better motherboard? more/higher speed memory? gen 4 NVME's are faster but more expensive too.

Now, with Intel's processing speed advantage eroded away to essentially zero total system cost consideration is even more important than ever.
If you look into benchmarks, the 12 core ryzen cpu creams the 9900k in adobe software, opposite of previous ryzen cpus performance with adobe.

The 9900k does have quicksync reducing export times in premier, but that doesnt help the i9 in most cases. For example, the 3900x is much better for timeline scrubbing.

Ryzen 3000 doesnt overclock much, so dont expect 5.0ghz, especially not on the stock cooler. Adding a liquid cooler will improve stock clocks and slight overclocks, but reduces the value. The stock rgb cooler is fine as the 3900x is pretty efficient and draws way less power and likely outputs less heat than the 9900k.