Question Optane or nvme

Feb 17, 2019
I am going to purchase a laptop with i5 8300 and gtx 1050 and 1 tb hdd and a nvme slot.i have two options, either an 128 gb nvme ssd or a 16 gb optane.which will be good?
The 16gb optane chip will not meet storage minimum system requirements for the windows operating system you intend to use. That size optane chip was not meant for your use case as a dedicated storage drive, but to be used as a cache drive for slower disks.
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What is the make/model of the laptop in question?
My preference would be for a 1tb m.2 drive.
Consider the option of no ssd or optane and buying a 1tb ssd and cloning the original HDD to it.
Storage configurations bought with a laptop are usually more expensive than what you could do for yourself.

If you plan on using much of that 1tb HDD, I think I would opt for the 16gb optane device.
It will be used as a fast cache for the 1tb HDD and windows.

a 120gb SSD for windows is too small and is apt to fill up quickly.
If the 120gb ssd is used for windows, your apps will be slower on the HDD. Laptop HDD devices are optimized for battery savings at the expense of performance.