Question Opteron and Trinity the same?

Aug 25, 2019
Hi there!

I have been searching on this topic for a few hours now, and with my powers of Google-Fu, I have given up on finding a solution for this option on my own. I have a HP P7-1414 computer, and I am looking to take out that stock CPU and put in the best thing that I can buy for this rig. On the chart thingie that pops up on the specs page, that's the Trinity Quad-Core A10-5800K.

I've been popping online looking to purchase one of these things, and more often than not, when I try to buy one, instead, they are trying to sell me a, "OS2358YAL4BGH AMD OPTERON QUAD CORE 2358 SE 2.40GHZ 2MB PROCESSOR." I don't know if these are the same, but I think maybe they aren't.

So, if I want to upgrade my CPU, what should I be looking for? Are these two processors the same? Is the Opteron the off-brand of the A-Series? Is one better than the other? Are there other Processors that I should be looking into that work for this motherboard that work well?