Question Optical bay convertion to USB inputs on Lenovo idea pad

Aug 6, 2021
Hi Guys.

Does anyone know if it is possible to convert the optical bay on my lenovo laptop to USB inputs?

I have seen many adaptors for HDD 's but nothing else.

I hope anybody has some sort of answer for me as I am going mad with only 2 USB ports on this Ideapad
I have good news and bad news. DVD slot is powered by SATA underneath, its general storage port/protocol, and even if you had USB connector inside, it would accept pendrives and nothing else.
BUT you might want usb hub like this one:,aps,440&sr=8-1
which will take 1 port and give you up to 10 devices on it.

Tell us what device is it exactly, MAYBE you can convert your gpu (it runs on pcie x2 or x4) and insert extension card there, route cables though vent ports and have frankenstained usb-C slot for whole new dock.
Thing look like this:!!0-item_pic__67613_zoom.jpg
and you slot it with any card that have enough ports for you. (example)

that would mean though you will make your laptop into desktop, so check as well for random other ports like
Expresscard 54mm to USB 3.0x2 PCI-E
as they are cheap and Lenovo added a lot of random ports to its devices.


Apr 19, 2021
Technically it's possible but commercially it would be an echec, so it's not a surprise if you can't find such device.

As suggested in the precedent post, an USB Hub is the way to go. A single USB port can accommodate many devices at the same time. You don't have to use one device per port.