Optimal Build for Mutli Tabling Poker


Jul 7, 2009
ey everyone,

I want to build a new system.

Any price should be a problem, just want it to be cost effective for my objective. (up to 1500?)

Run the following smoothly at once
- Handle up to 25 poker tables from 5-6 poker clients
- a few web browsers
- poker tracker 3
- a music player
- msn, aim, skype
- 4 monitor (so an SLI or Cross fire board)

Other Notes:
I don't really play any games on my PC so I don't think I require much of a video card. I currently run my two monitors off a radeon HD3450 and don't have any problems with everything I want to do.

I currently , an intel core 2duo 2.33ghz and 4g DDR2 running at 333mhz so anything is going to be a large improvement.

I don't necessary need a specific build, but a general guide line as far as what kind and how important different processor types (dual core, quad core / i7), and memory amounts, type and speed, will affect my ability to run everything smoothly at min would be most appreciated.

I fairly savvy with computers but I haven't kept update with all this jazz for over a few years.

Thanks for you thoughts,



Nov 2, 2008
How quickly are you looking to do this. Might be worth waiting for the core i5 to come out later this year. 4 core processor with hyper threading so 8 streams of data. Since nothing is going to be tasking the CPU except the shear number of threads, should do well for you. Short of exploring a Xeon based server setup or skulltrail, may be worth the wait. Never delved into the Xeon line so dont know if they support HT and I don't think skulltrail does either, so running 2 quad cores gets you to the same spot a HT quad would get you but for a lot more.