Question Optimal cooling for O11-dynamic XL

Sep 24, 2020
In the planning stages of a build at the moment and major part to figure out before building is how many rads to fit. Currently I'm leaning towards getting the EKWB distribution plate for the XL case for the res/pump. In terms of fans for the top and bottom of the case I can either fit 3x120mm or 2x140mm, between those 2 options which one is the better of the two? If I fill up the top and bottom (bottom intake, top exhaust) rad spots should I also bother with filling up the side slot with a 360mm rad (intkae) or are the 2 other spots sufficient for cooling?
Hardware wise its going to be a 3080 when I can get one for MSRP and for CPU it will probably be one of the new AMD ones whenver those drop. No idea how far I am going to overclock it but I also don't want to regret adding or removing a rad in the future for whatever reason.
Also should mention I am most likely going to use soft tubing if that matters.