Optimal GPU for HDR Videos/Movies/Streaming - on a 34" Wide Monitor


Apr 23, 2012
I have an older rig with the EVGA Z68 SLI Micro motherboard and an I5 2500... Was looking to upgrade the graphics card but nothing insane, just enough to be able to play videos/movies in HDR as I am looking at an HDR monitor. is the GT 1030 enough for this? not trying to break the bank as I am going to probably be building a completely new rig in a couple years for 2nd gen VR.
I would check the system requirements page for your source, such as Netflix if you were going to use Netflix. Also, make sure you know which port you'll use on that monitor, HDMI/Display port. Depending on your source and its requirements, you may need a specific output on the videocard.

In terms of performance, my admittedly limited knowledge on this is that the GT 1030 is fine for up to 4k video playback. However, my understanding is HDR does adds some extra work so maybe a 1050 would be a better choice.

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