Optimal graphic configuration for gta 4 with 9400 gt md512


Oct 18, 2011
i have a intel pentium dual cpu E2180 @ 2.00 ghz, 2 gb ddr2 ram and nvidia 9400 gt md 512 graphics card. i need optimail graphic configuration for gta 4 so i can play widout lag.
You cannot play that game without lag on your system even if you run it at the absolute lowest settings. If you want to play that game you should do the following.

1) add an aftermarket cooler and overclock your CPU. At least get it to 2.8Ghz. Follow an overclocking guide

2) Upgrade your RAM to 4GB of 1066 RAM.

3) Upgrade your video card to at least a Radeon 5750 or a GTS 450.