Question Optimal Networking set up guide

Aug 13, 2019
Good day all.

I would like to ask assistance for setting up my home wifi, currently i have the following:
Fiber connection 25mbps plan from Pldt (Philippines)
W/ onu modem AN5506 (5Ghz)
Ap mode to Cisco wrt320N
2.4Ghz connected to LAN1 with two connected on LAN ports,
a) Ethernet to PC
b) AP Mode to Cisco WRT320N 5Ghz connection

Planning to upgrade the last router to Asus RTAC53 (3lan ports) for dual band connections, and future improvement for the 1st router,

With this, will there be a signaficant upgrade on connection speed if i change the 1st router, to aroud a 100$ router and what will be your suggestion.

Device connected around the house is total of 1 PC, 6 android phones, 2 iPhone s, and 1 ipad.

Id like to request suggestion as well to lower the traffic coming from the second router to have a smooth gaming experince, possible with android and pc on future improvement.

Thank you.