Question Optimizing current system for video editing

Feb 26, 2019
I have a question for people who know more about these things than I do, and an opportunity to show off what you know.

I currently use my PC mostly for video editing, however it's not really a PC built for this purpose originally.

Here's a brief intro of what I do.
I am a private pilot and film my flights for reviewing purposes. I film with multiple cameras and also record cockpit audio (radio comm's etc.). This means I end up with about 30GB-80GB of video per flight, which I then sync up with audio and switch between different cameras with VSDC, and them export the video (the footage is of little use before I've synced with audio and output all the optimal cameras at certain stages of flight).

I've done a couple of "test runs" to make sure all of this is worth the trouble, and it is absolutely worth it, so I will continue doing it.

Problem now is it is taking a lot of my time, especially playing around and exporting the video several times after small changes. A video of about 1 hour of footage takes more than 2 hours to export. There's no mystery here, my system is sub-par for this job, I know that.

My question is much more specific and follows; I got a new SSD yesterday to replace a previous one that failed (used for 7 years before failure). But before I reinstall my OS on the new SSD, I was wondering if that would be the best setup for video editing, and I had a couple different scenarios in mind. Which one would be best for video editing performance? I also have 4 other HDD's of various sizes in my PC (all relatively slow, no WD black's or similar).

1. SSD used for OS + programs
Second HDD used for source video files
Third HDD used to output (export) to

2. HDD used for OS + programs
SSD used for video source video files
Second HDD used to output (export) to

3. HDD used for OS + programs
Second HDD used for source video files
SSD used to output (export) to

Which one will yield me the best performance for video editing, especially the exporting process? And are there different scenarios I'm not considering?

My system (which I admit is old and slow) is of the following specs:

Core i5-2300 CPU
4GB RAM (only 3 usable)
Windows 7 32-bit
Nvidia GTS240
Using VSDC for video editing.

I'll have to upgrade to a 64-bit OS in order to upgrade to 8GB or 16GB RAM, which I'll do later - it takes too much flying money to do right now :)
I'll likely start using DaVinci Resolve after getting a 64-bit OS, but for now it's VSDC, which works's well enough. I just want to bump up the performance a little bit for now with my existing system (and new SSD).

What can I do with my current system to maximize the exporting process performance?