Optimum SSD/HDD System Hardware Configuration ?


Jul 23, 2006
Not quite a NOOB, but at least I am wrt SSD's. :eek: I am upgrading from a WINDOWS XP OS with HDD's to a WINDOWS 7 w/ SDD's + HDD's, minimum 16GB RAM on motherboard.

Trying to wrap my head around best practice SSD usage. :pt1cable: General interest is not games but Photo/Video, Office productivity & usual browsing & music etc. But do like to experiment, i.e., significant overclocking,VM etc.

Here's my thoughts:
1)an SSD for OS & programs (fast start-up, shut-down, program loading) +
2)an SSD for crunching (Photo/Video scratch files etc.) +
3)A large HDD for data storage (currently have several 1TB Samsung F3's to use in either RST &/or RAID)
4)Partition some RAM for WINDOWS PageFile (swapfile), none on SDD's/HDD's

What say you (helpful advice, please)? With the storage controllers now on chip in the Z68/LGA1055 hardware, does it still make sense to use separate SDD's? :??:

Trying to balance performance & value, I checked my current disk storage usage: WINDOWS XP drive 33GB, Programs drive 25GB, current Total 58GB on my 5+ year old system. Seems like maybe 2 120-128GB would be a sweet spot allowing for reasonable long term future growth and reasonable necessary/desired free space? ;)

Thanks! :hello:

P.S. I also maintain other storage for system backup/archive. Belt & suspenders :lol:
Skip #4. Leave the pagefile on the SSD. With 16GB of RAM, you'll never need it, but problems can arise if you "turn it off." And if you do need it, wouldn't you want the fastest access to it? Or were you gonna set up a "RAMDrive?" Even better!

Yes, get a 120GB. SSD scale as size goes up: 240GB performs about twice as fast as 120GB, which performs about twice as fast a 60GB. (In 4K Random reads/writes IOPS, which is what really matters!) I got an Intel 520 Series 180GB, which performs the same as the 240GB model. Very happy! Even though I just removed my 2x60GB SSD RAID 0 array, I can't tell the difference.

Here are some guides for SSDs:

The SSD Review: The SSD Optimization Guide...

OCZ Blog: SSD Tips and Tweaks

Now keep in mind that you don't have to do any of them. Many of the tweaks just save space usage on the drive. And many are not need with todays SSD technology. Read carrefully, and choose yourself.

And your first thoughts are correct:
1-SSD for OS & Programs
2-HDD for Libraries/storage (Libraries are: My Documents, Downloads, Music, Picture, and Videos)
3-HDD for back ups