Question Optimum WiFi Extender Positioning to Maximize Distance?

Aug 12, 2019
I bought a WavLink AC600 outdoor WiFi range extender to try to get a consistent and strong WiFi signal 150 yards (450 feet) from my house in order to connect a WiFi camera. The literature claims up to a 2km range, which I'm sure is probably under impossible-to-reproduce-in-the-field test lab conditions. However, I'm just trying to figure out the best position of the unit and the best orientation of the antennas in order to ensure a good connection. With the assumption that "higher is better" I was planning on mounting the extender at the peak of the roof on the back wall of my house facing the location of the camera. I have a walk-up attic with electrical outlets so it will be very easy to relocate our modem/router up there and to connect it to the extender via a short run of ethernet cable. This will put the antenna about 55' higher (Peak of roof is 32' above grade and the land slopes down about another 15') than the camera which is 450' away. A few questions:
  • How much impact would mounting inside the attic vs. outside the attic have on range? Inside mounting would be much easier because I don't have a ladder high enough to reach the peak, but mounting inside means that the signal has to travel through 1/2" plywood, 3/4" foam insulation (I don't think it is foil faced) and some vinyl siding.
  • What is the best way to orient the antenna? Should it be mounted horizontally and pointing in the direction of the camera or should it be mounted vertically? Its worth nothing that the camera (Reolink Eco) has an external antenna that can be aimed as well.
Obviously any setup like this will need some tweaking, but I'd like to get it setup as close as possible so that adjustments can be kept to a minimum.