Question Options for Monitors with KVM switch for work and gaming

Feb 7, 2022
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a monitor with a KVM switch that is good for me to work (software development) and that allows me to play some games (mostly RPGs, CRPGs, Strategy).

I was already decided with the BenQ PD3420Q but it is proving to be impossible to find in my country (Portugal). It's out of stock everywhere and the suppliers also don't have it. So I'm looking for some alternatives.

Despite the referred monitor being mostly for designers I had choose it because:
  • It has a KVM switch. It will be super helpful for me to switch between my MacBook and my Desktop PC;
  • It has great image quality;
  • It is big. I don't want to have a 2nd monitor, so I was looking for something above 32"
  • I know it only has 60Hz but I don't play FPS or competitive games;
So I has hopping that someone could give me some suggestions on monitors with this characteristics for me too see if I can find it here. The price point for me is around 1000€ as this one costs a bit more than 900€.

Oh and just for reference the graphics card on the PC I will be playing is a RTX 2070 Super.

Thanks in advance!