[SOLVED] Options for replacing OEM cooler?


Jul 2, 2020
Hey guys,
I just recently installed a RX 570 into my friends old HP Pavilion desktop which has an A10-6700 inside and 12gb of ram. It runs great now for about 20 mins and even with the GPU fans cranked to try atleast mitigate the heat coming from the GPU the CPU is just dying for cooling and it’s thermal throttling which drops about 20 percent of the performance compared to when you first start a game. Are there any options for an aftermarket CPU cooler that could fit on a fairly standard four screw mounting system? I’ve tried using IC Diamond thermal paste which barely helps. Thanks in advance for the help!
Your case has limited ventilation.
Try removing the case covers and see how you do.
As one option, it may end up being cheaper to buy a new case.