Question Options to upgrade 1050 ti?

Oct 2, 2021
My cpu is a i7-7700. I got my pc as a prebuilt a couple years ago when I was younger and only played Minecraft. The 1050 ti worked great for that and still does, but as I'm moving into other games which are more graphically intensive I feel it's starting to show it's age. Most games I play now I'm running at low on pretty much every impactful setting just to try and maximize my fps. I bought New World the other day and with all low settings I'm getting 40 or so fps at 1080p. I don't want anything crazy and I'd prefer to not have to buy a new cpu as well right now I'm just worried that future games are going to follow suit and I won't be able to comfortably play them. I was looking at possibly getting one of the lower end 30 series cards since even though we're in a gpu shortage right now at least they're still being made and I don't have to go on a wild goose chase for discontinued 20 series cards. Using pc-builds a 3070 showed about 13% bottleneck from my cpu and lable everything over 10% as bottleneck and for whatever reason a 3060 wasn't on their list so I couldn't test it. Forgive me if anything I've said doesn't really make sense still pretty new to modifying my pc.


What is or isn't an option is dictated by two main parameters:
1- how much you are willing to spend and
2- what is available from available sources

Bottleneck calculators are meaningless if you are willing to tweak settings to get whatever performance you want since graphics details sliders can affect GPU load by a factor of 10X if not more between lowest and Ultra. If you accidentally over-spend on the GPU, you can sink most of the excess performance into things like higher-order anti-aliasing until you upgrade the PC and/or monitor for higher refresh rates.
Some games the CPU will be the limiting factor.
Some games the GPU will be the limiting factor.
That is the nature of PC games.
If playing @1080p a 3060ti will play most games at max settings. Your CPU at stock settings with the stock cooler will limit the maximum frame rate in some games and be fine in others. Depends on the games you play.

Your most limiting factor to consider is your power supply. You may need to change it to use a more powerful video card.