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Question Optiplex 9020 MT 2019 is it worth IT?

Nov 1, 2019
Hello everyone

As in title, i have a chance to buy 9020 MT with i7 4790, for a very low price (150$)
But i'm wondering if its still worth it, if i would like to upgrade it into gaming machine
I mean how much i can improve it?
As far as i know it has many restrictions, PSU will need to be changed and adapter from 8pin slot to 24 pin,

Also i heard that there is problem to fit graphic cards longer than 10 inch, is it because of case ? If so then i can change it for sure.

The question is how far it can be pushed because if i can only use let say 1050ti then it would be better just to set a totally new pc with rx 5700 or something and it will last longer.
My main goal is just to play on high graphic settings on 1080p i don't intent to go 4k,