[SOLVED] Optiplex 980 overclocking. Is it possible?

Mar 2, 2019
So my question has been asked in a similar fashion through other posts and the Optiplex 980 is just a pain for anyone to overclock due to it's phoenix bios. I have the largest model of the Optiplex 980 and I also have sufficient cooling and even under heavy load the cpu currently hits around 60 degrees Celsius (I have the i7 870). My system also has a rewired power supply to get around the issue of the proprietary 24 connector and the low wattage psu it originally had. So the question still remains is there any way to get around the issue of overclocking such a stubborn rig if all of the other issues that are normally associated with this pc are gone except for the bios issue.
Edit: also don't need any advice on overclocking graphics card and I don't want to overclock anything except the processor.


The BIOS will hold you back and any form of software overclocking can and will result in a bricked system, also due to the fact that the VRM are inadequate for any form of mild overclocking, the answer is no or try at your own risk. You should overclock in BIOS and not in the software so you can revert to defaults. It's how it's been done before and should be done moving forward.
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