Question Optiplex Refurb for ElGato HD60s (Nintendo Switch)

Jul 2, 2019
Hello, folks! I searched for other threads on a similar topic and found them all over, so I hope I'm putting this in the correct place!

I'm interested in recording gameplay only (no plans to stream) from my Nintendo Switch. I haven't had a desktop in ages, so I have to confess that I'm feeling a little out of my depth when double checking system requirements.

I did some research and found suggestions that a refurb Dell Optiplex would be a good option for this! I live near a MicroCenter, where they have a bunch of these machines! I'm trying to find one that fits the bill for under $500. I think this is doable, but I wanted to run all of this by more knowledgeable folks!

Option A

Option B

Option C

There are a lot of variations on this theme (for example, the same setup with an i7, or the same setup with a slightly smaller hard drive, or an HDD rather than an SSD). One of these refurbs with an i7 costs about a hundred bucks more. I'm not flat broke, but for a dedicated machine just to record gameplay (I literally do not plan to use it for anything else, my general purpose machine is a humble Asus Zenbook), I'm not sure if there would be enough of an appreciable difference between an i5 and an i7 to justify the extra $. And if there is something else I'm missing entirely about why the above machines wouldn't work, I'd love to hear about that, also!

Thanks for your time!


Mar 25, 2010
Did you try using your laptop to record?

The systems you linked are all fine, of course a larger drive would help you to store more stuff, and a tower will make it easier to expand (say adding a video card for gaming).