Jul 25, 2021
ill be clear as i can..
i have a windows laptop got it with win 8,, i removed windows and setup linux for a while...saved my cdkey for windows for reinstall... i then installed oracle virtual machine /box,,, to try it out.. i downloaded windows, and then setup windows 10 as a virtual box/machine running on my host linux... i used my cdkey i had to verify the windows on the virtual box.. i was just testing it out.. i lost my virtual box and it got deleted and my entire system.. linux host was formatted.. i went back into linux after i got it fixed and tryed to do the same thing. however my cdkey says IN USE for WINDOWS verfification,,, from my first use of it... cannot use my cdkey now? How do i have the cdkey ij used released or how can i find it.. it was pre installed on my laptop when i bought it.. why would virtual box not warn that CDKEYS you use in virtual machine will be taken from you if you delete your virtual box? or am i missing something? i paid for that legit copy of windows and now i cant use it.... It cant just disappear noone is using it now.. so why did virtual box hold my cdkey for windows after i formatted and deleted everything? is there maybe a way to get my cdkey working again? i still have the key just says its in use by another machine now... thanks hope someone can help...


Oct 24, 2019
1. Anything that you store in a VM will be deleted once it is shutdown, unless you saved it prior to shutting the VM down.

2. Oracle VM didn't steal your key, it likely that the Windows 10 key that you own have a limit to the amount of computers you can activate. Thus, by activating on the VM, you have basically used up one slot.

3. I would contact Microsoft to tell them your situation, they should be able to deactivate the old activation and allow you to activate your new one.

In conclusion,

Be careful of using premium products on VM, such as Antivirus Software that has a limit to the amount of PC you can activate.